The Battle of Kleisova

kleisova.jpg    The famous Battle of Klisova is one of the most important battles of the Greek History, which occurred back in March 25th, 1826. The battle is revived every year, on the initiative of Liaros Group Friends of Historical Costumes and Weapons.


   The reconstruction of the Battle of Klisova takes place in the homonymous islet located in the lagoon of Messolonghi, every March, usually a few days after the national celebration of March 25th.


After several years of absence from the historical events that occur in the Sacred City of Messolonghi, the reconstruction was held for the first time in 2015. The revival of the battle is followed by a memorial service.




A little town that somehow combines everything. Idyllic spots for walks in nature for the romantics and nature lovers, delicious traditional cuisine for the gourmets, major museums and attractions for tradition and history lovers.So now let's travel, to this small “Alonaki”…

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