Center of culture and art Diexodos

diexodos.jpg   DIEXODOS Center of Culture and Art, is a living cultural cell of Western Greece, which highlights the local artistic life.

    This building was the historic home of Athanasios Razi-Kotsika, military commander- general of the Messolonghi combatants, during the heroic Exodus. In 1998 it was bought by lawyer Nikos Kordossis, who, willing to rescue the building, undertook the cost of its restoration. The museum hosts a permanent collection, which includes historical relics, antiquities, rare manuscripts and engravings, sculptures and paintings. Moreover, all kinds of cultural events take place here, such as exhibitions, presentations and speeches.

Cultural Library

 The Cultural Library of DIEXODOS Center of Culture and Art was inaugurated for the first time in 2014. The library is housed in a renovated building of 1868, on Rangou Street, in Messolongi, and constitutes a valuable “focal point” of culture, hosting nearly 2,000 books. The books are divided in two categories - orientations. First of all, one can find there books, that are either related to the history of Messolonghi, either to each art form separately: Painting, Printmaking, Sculpture, Icon Painting, Photography, Music, Dance, Theatre, Cinema, Museums, Galleries, Artists, Architecture, Design, Environment, Archaeological sites, Cities Albums, Art, etc.


Therefore, in this library the visitor can also find parts of Cultural Archives, which include a wide variety of rare documents. Finally, an Exhibitions Workshops will operate for those with a thirst for artistic creation.
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Wednesday - Sunday, 11-13.00, 8-10 pm Free entrance
Razi-Kotsika Athanasiou 23, Messolongi

+30 26310 51260 , 6976 643610 και 6944 789702


A little town that somehow combines everything. Idyllic spots for walks in nature for the romantics and nature lovers, delicious traditional cuisine for the gourmets, major museums and attractions for tradition and history lovers.So now let's travel, to this small “Alonaki”…

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