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 Avgataraho/Greek Bottarga 



Avgotaraho (bottarga) is one of Greece’s most treasured foods. Avgotaraho is produced from mullet caught in Greek lagoons, preferably after mid-August. It has a characteristic spicy flavor that can be attributed to the flora and fauna of the sea lake.

The prime spot for harvesting Greek bottarga is the lagoon of Messolonghi. These hallowed waters are a haven for the famed grey mullet.

This Ionian lagoon presents the optimum conditions for the grey mullet to breed in given that its waters maintain a steady temperature ideal for gestation. Avgotaracho of Messolonghi is one of only 7 foodstuffs in the category of fish, mollusks, and crustaceans to be awarded the EU Protected Designation of Origin label.

It’s a product of high nutritional value, mighty taste and extremely long aftertaste. The more velvety texture it has, the more nutritionally rich it is.

Avgotaraho is Greece’s answer to caviar. Lord Byron spread Messolonghi Bottarga throughout Europe. Indicatively, the price stands at 120-150 euros per kilo, while one can find it on the market in the form of beeswax or trimmings, either traditional or smoked.






  The two salt lakes, Alykes, of Messolonghi that you will meet on the coastal road from Messolonghi towards Etoliko (White) and on your road to Tourlida (Black), are huge square fields of sea water, from where salt will be collected once the water evaporates, and next to them white hills full of salt.

  The stunning, in every aspect, Lagoon of Messolonghi, offers another treasure to our city: the salt. The shallow waters combined with a high content of natural elements and the existence of appropriate meteorological conditions, created the productivity of the salt mine, Alykes.

   The production of the salt is made within a natural glow plug through a continuous freezing process. In White Alykes the salt is collected by salt harvest machines in contrast to Tourlida where the locals choose to use more traditional ways. The area exploited by Alykes is 14,000 hectares long and the annual salt production exceeds the 130,000 tons. This means that Messolonghi produces more than 90% of primary Salt in Greece.

Afrina / Anthos salt

IMG_3881.JPG    The Messolonghi lagoon gives, beyond the simple white salt, another great quality and taste, considered the purest of all table salts, the flower of salt or "Afrina". 

      The climate favors the production of this salt, which is collected by hand from the lagoon surface in the form of fine flakes. Not subject any further chemical or other treatment such as common table salt, and thus a natural product, without additives.

      Rich in minerals, stands out for its texture and smooth taste. Ideal to add a spice to your meals, and you can experiment with it and pastry, to give a separate, more spicy flavor to your desserts.




Rice - Pulses

 Rice  Beyond the sacred mesolongitiki land is truly blessed as those who deal with her seeing their labors have rich reward. Thanks to abundant rainfall and adequate soil particularly delicious rice varieties thrive in our region. Thanks to abundant rainfall and adequate soil particularly delicious rice varieties thrive in our region.It is common knowledge that the Mesolongitis rice or standard in the region or elsewhere "make a career" in Greece and abroad. From near and legumes in our region that demonstrate the potential of the agricultural sector in Missolonghi. Indigenous varieties and promising new arrivals make a unique bouquet of excellent quality. The new generations of farmers engaged in our land dare and luck favors the brave.




 Olive Olis 

  In Evinochori the visitorscan enjoy a coffee visiting the beautiful traditional and cozy cafes, can walk to the two beautiful squares of the village, taste delicious local flavors in taverns and snack bars and have a drink late in the evening at the local bars.According to figures from the Agricultural plan of the Region of Western Greece, the Municipality of Messolonghi has the highest production of Greek “Kalamata olive” (Calamon Olive), reaching a good 30% of the Greek production.

  These olives are also considered, especially by old farmers, the best in terms of taste and nutrientsit, being flavored by the salt of the waters of the Lagoon of Messolonghi- Etoliko.



   The dairy products are a highly dynamic field of Mesolongi economy. With a huge range of quality products, from cheese and Gruyere until Kefalotyri and other dairy products are Mesologi cheese makers can meet their needs and to meet the demand of the most demanding customer. traditional cheese-making methods and recipes housed in modern facilities certified cheese factor with cosmopolitan character and intense mesolongitiki personality.

 The productive capacity of the region in cheese is especially important while the exceptional quality of the area of ​​milk production ensures the highest possible quality in manufactured products.



      Honey is a sweet liquid made by bees using nectar from flowers and is fairly listed among the world’s top 10 healthiest foods. The fertile and varied land of Messolonghi produces high quality honey, mainly from thyme, fir and flowers. Given that the Greek honey is considered to be one of the best worldwide, Messolonghi might prove to be a real goldmine. Taste the excellent quality, delicious honey of our region and decide on your own!

  The Commerce and Industry Association of Messolonghi will be happy to bring you in touch with the beekeepers of the region for more information.


 Local wines

     The area of ​​the prefecture of Aitoloakarnania, from ancient times was known for its quality wines. Today, this tradition has not been extinguished, as the population of the region continues to cultivate the vine, which rewards the quality of wine. In our region, the three main grape varieties grown are Mavrodaphne, Malagouzia and Avgoustolidi, indigenous varieties of the region.

   Mavrodaphne: A red wine with intense purple color. The aroma is rich with red fruit notes and a perama herbal aromas.

   Malagouzia: White wine, with a strong aftertaste. The aromas of flowers and citrus fruits as well as an idea of ​​tropical fruit express formality and complexity of the variety.

  Avgoustolidi: A white wine with lively acidity, full-bodied and delicate aroma.

Ouzo - Tsipouro

IMG 3223


The distillation of ouzo takes place in traditional handmade copper stills. The combination of anise, star anise and the unique gum (masticha) of Chios which find their way into the still in order to refine the distillate, together with a great amount of love, gives us a fine, elegant and special light flavored ouzo, with a slight masticha aftertaste.


Our first concern is both the choice and collection of the best pomace from varieties of Rio Muscat, Muscat Hamburg and Rhodians. The distillation of tsipouro is a complex process that demands specific knowledge and expertise, experience and modern technological equipment in order to have the optimum result. It takes place in traditional handmade copper stills and then goes through a distillation column (equivalent to approximately sextuple distillation) giving us an extra pure distillate of balanced flavors and taste.


The Commercial and Mesolongiou Association will be happy to put you in touch with its members and all the distillers in the region


     One particular product that presents a unique as to its composition, as it is cosmetic soap with olive oil and thermal Mesolongiou mud.

    The curative mud, the natural treasure of this lagoon Missolonghi-Aitolikou located in areas "Trinity" and "Finikia" Messolonghi and is rich in minerals and trace elements. Now you can enjoy the known therapeutic properties and from the comfort of your home, the innovative form of soap. 

     A unique product that brings the richness of the lagoon nearby, ideal for deep facial and body cleansing.

  Livestock and milk products

     The topogeografia of our region and its great biodiversity, ideal for livestock action.

     Aitoloakarnania always been a farming area since hosting a large number of sheep and goats, pigs and cows, including a rare cow, cows of vrachykeratikis race. Livestock products produced have excellent taste and flavor, thanks to the fertile soil and rich wetlands of the region, offering the animals important nutrients.

     Along with farming, significant flourished and dairy products. This made some of the most delicious dairy products in the country, starring Kefalograviera Amfilochias PDO Notable is the production of feta, gruyere, cream cheese, and yogurt.


Dairy Products 

  The dairy products constitute a very dynamic field in the economy of Messolonghi. Within a huge range of quality products, from Feta cheese and graviera to Kefalotyri and other cheese types, the cheese makers of the town can meet the needs of even the most demanding customer. Traditional methods and cheese making recipes are accommodated in licensed cheese making facilities.


The productive capacity of the region in cheese is particularly important and the exceptional quality of the milk production in the town ensures the highest possible quality of the products.

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