2707_3_2_poster-fotoleme.jpg   If you are looking for the ideal destination to practice and improve your photography skills, then you should definitely visit Messolonghi.


   The varied landscape of the city, with the lagoon’s turquoise waters, picturesque wooden houses (pelades), small boats (gaites) and hundreds of flora and fauna species that live in the wetland, they all compose the perfect idyllic scenery that awaits to be captured by your photographic lense. A huge natural mirror that lies in front of the photographer’s eye, always ready to reveal its hidden beauty.


 The Photography Festival of Messolonghi opened its gates for the first time on June 1st, 2012. It is a major photographic event not only for our Municipality but for the entire western Greece as well. For ten days annually, Photographic Clubs participate with their works, highlighting their rich photographic galleries.


 The "soul" of the Festival, photographer Vasilis Artikos and members of the Photographic Club of Messolonghi, have managed to voluntary, and with great enthusiasm, organize a celebration of photography equal to similar major events taking place in our country.


A little town that somehow combines everything. Idyllic spots for walks in nature for the romantics and nature lovers, delicious traditional cuisine for the gourmets, major museums and attractions for tradition and history lovers.So now let's travel, to this small “Alonaki”…

Γραφείο τουριστικής ανάπτυξης
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  +30 26310 25564
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