Especially famous is the sea kitchen area. The lagoon is a source of wealth for Mesologi, providing them with fine fresh fish, which locals cook with great mastery.

Fried, boiled or baked, fish are the first choice in the tables Mesolongiton. The recipes are many, as the fish. Fish baked with garlic and potatoes, Bafa cape, fish savoro, vinegar and fresh herbs, fish avgomena fried or baked barbecued pedals. The cobbled streets in the city center you will find many taverns and ouzo offering these and other recipes with local fish. Try a huge variety of fresh fish that you like, in any version, and certainly will be satisfied.

Salted Fish

The exceptional, and protected by the Treaty of Ramsar, wetland of the Lagoon of Messolonghi, is famous for its exquisite fish production. The eels, mullets, sea bass and sea breams of Messolonghi, living in the shallow waters of the Lagoon, acquire a particular taste and flavor. When salted, they become even tastier. Gilthead sea breams, mullets and eels are among the most common local salted fish dishes.


Petalia are made, during the summertime, of breams, mullets and eels, as follows: First they open them in the middle, cutting the flesh from back to belly and from head to tail. The two parts of the flesh are held together by the belly. They are then salted, left for about 3-4 hours into the salt, washed, having both sides stretched by a sliver of reed to dry in shade. They are conserved between two to three days, the longest, and are eaten undercooked or even raw.


A region which in fish and salt are in abundance, it could not be particularly widespread and salted. Salted or cured fish are kept in a thick layer of salt. The salting, is one of the oldest methods of preserving and gives special flavor to the product.

The meats are the ideal snack for ouzo and raki. mainly bloat are sown, but also small bream, some species kefaloeidon and eels.


The sea conceals a variety of scrumptious oysters, with the popular Striped. The Striped is another tasty treasure to taste coming in Missolonghi. Their juicy flesh and their irresistible iodine taste will satisfy even the most demanding.

Mainly consumed raw with a few drops of lemon. Local cuisine, however, boasts several recipes Striped. Striped steamed, Striped fried, boiled with red sauce, spaghetti or risotto Striped.


The roe Mesolongiou prominent place on the culinary customs of the locals. It ranks among the top products of the planet and inspire top chefs. It is exquisite delicacy with rich, velvety flavor, which culminates with a marine finish.

As usual, served in thin slices, alone or thinly sliced ​​bread and an excellent appetizer. However, it can be used in various and wonderful recipes such as spaghetti, risotto and salads.


It is perhaps the most famous sweet cake of Etolia. Of course, we are talking about the traditional rivani or semolina cake, which is an integral part of our festivals and our holidays. For those of you who haven’t tasted it yet, rivani is a highly recommended delicacy. Rivani is a kind of halva, baked, based in only three main ingredients: olive oil, honey and flour.

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